Dhivehi Insurance concludes 3rd Insurance Insights Seminar

Dhivehi Insurance concludes 3rd Insurance Insights Seminar

Dhivehi Insurance, on Tuesday, successfully concluded the third iteration of the 'Insurance Insights Seminar'.

The seminar, hosted at Champa Central Hotel in the capital city of Male', was held under the theme 'Emerging Risks for Professionals' and targeted lawyers, architects, engineers and doctors operating in the country.

During the event, Insurance expert Anton Ramachandran covered key aspects of Professional Indemnity Insurance. In addition to having 25 years of experience concerning insurance, Ramachandran is a lawyer by profession and previously served on Malaysia's bar council.

Ismail Wisham led the subsequent session, presenting case laws recorded in Maldives.

Seminar participants were offered a five-percent discount on Dhivehi Insurance's USD 500,000 Executive Health Insurance Package.

Dhivehi Insurance launched the first edition of the 'Insurance Insights Seminar' in 2017.

While the inaugural seminar focussed on the essentials of corporate insurance, the following iteration dealt with insurance plans in the construction industry.

In response to the popularity and positive feedback received by the seminars which are held under Dhivehi Insurance's CSR programme, the company plans to hold another seminar end of this year.