Tourism industry inspection to conclude in September

Tourism industry inspection to conclude in September

Minister of Tourism Ali Waheed, on Tuesday, stated that the inspection of the tourism industry will conclude in September.

While speaking at a press conference held at Tourism Ministry, he declared that the inspection in ten atolls was completed with a total of 37 resorts, 121 guest houses, 47 dive centres and a yacht marina.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih instructed the ministry along with Maldives Police Service and Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) to carry out the inspections.

According to Minister Waheed, the inspections will ensure that all members of the industry receive their basic human rights and that operations in the industry are carried out safely.

“We will make sure all necessary facilities are available for staff, all rights regarding their occupations are clear, the amount of service charge and number of local staff. We will also analyse all safety precautions taken in case of emergency situations”.

He added that once inspections were completed, all tourist facilities will receive ‘Minimum Requirement Approval’ stickers and that the stickers will be renewed after each annual inspection.