President Solih receives warm welcome from Saudi

President Solih receives warm welcome from Saudi

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih was accorded a fitting welcome from Saudi Arabia, upon arrival to take part in the 14th Summit of Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC).

He was welcomed by the Royal Protocol Minister of Saudi Arabia.

This is President Solih's first visit to Saudi since taking office in September 2018.

He is set to address the summit on May 31, 2019, once proceedings commence.

The summit will be lead by Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

Heads of states and governments of Muslim majority countries will gather to discuss pressing issues confronting the global Muslim community, such as the prevalence of Islamophobia, regional peace in the Middle East and various issues and difficulties facing Muslims worldwide.

President Solih was seen in ihram clothing from pictures shared by Presidents Office and is believed that he will complete Umra before returning.