President Solih kicks off Maldives Partnership Forum

President Solih kicks off Maldives Partnership Forum

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, on Monday, inaugurated the Maldives Partnership Forum (MPF) 2019 under the theme 'Investing in a resilient and sustainable Maldives’, held in Kurumba Maldives Resort.

The President gave his inaugural address post welcome remarks by Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdulla Shahid, and a video presentation 'Jazeera Raajje (Island Nation) Policy Agenda'.

"...Jazeera Raajje highlights the importance of sustainability and building resilience; to withstand the impacts of climate change, the challenges of political instability, and global issues such as gender inequality, corruption and violent extremism", said President Solih during his speech.

"For sustainable development and building resilience, we turn to policies of our Blue Economy; reducing dependence on fossil fuels, affording workforce the skills and systematic support, and updating systems of governance in line with global technological advancements and innovation".

Following the President's speech, Minister of Finance Ibrahim Ameer addressed the participants, stating that the objective of the forum is to "renew the relationships with our distinguished partners, to whom we owe much of our successes".

"We strongly believe that we cannot go and succeed as a nation alone and that we need our local and international partners to bring in their diverse skills, resources and technical expertise to reach our sustainable development goals".

During the Forum, details of upcoming projects carried out under the government's 100-day pledges as well as projects relating to governance reform, blue economy, healthcare, education and housing will be shared with partner countries and institutions.

The purpose of circulating this information is to facilitate the successful implementation of the government's agenda by collecting crucial information, resources, expertise and capacity.

During a press conference held Sunday, Minister Shahid noted that over 60 delegates from 35 countries and 27 international organizations will take part in the forum.

Moreover, multiple agreements with countries such as Japan and the United States of America (US) are to be signed during the forum, including a USD 4.6 million (YEN 500 million) agreement with Japan.

Additionally, the USD 3 million granted under the 'Development Objective Grant Agreement' by the US, will be amended and re-signed, with the US to now grant a total of USD 11 million.