JSC only accountable to parliament: President Solih

JSC only accountable to parliament: President Solih

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Monday issued a statement asserting that the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) was only accountable to the parliament as it possessed the constitutional authority to investigate complaints submitted regarding judges.

President Solih stressed that the independence of any institution created under the constitution was guaranteed and that no state power could encroach on the authority granted to such bodies.

The statement also highlighted that the constitutional method of holding JSC's procedures and decisions accountable was summoning commission members to the parliament for questioning. Any subsequent action deemed necessary would also be taken by the parliament.

The constitution does not permit other branches of state to initiate any means of action which are not in compliance with the aforementioned procedure.

The statement marks the first public comment issued by President Solih concerning the disagreement between JSC and the Supreme Court.

JSC ordered the suspension of Judge Abdulla Didi on June 12 citing an ongoing police investigation. However, the Supreme Court issued a stay order on JSC's suspension the following day. JSC has officially refused to accept the stay order and maintained that the suspension of Judge Didi was effective immediately.

In response, the Supreme Court issued an order nullifying any and all action in contravention to the stay order. Judge Didi continues to serve in his position.

In his statement, President Solih called on all state powers and institutions to respect the constitution and refrain from any activity interfering with the smooth running of the government.

Furthermore, the President guaranteed that he would not hesitate to take any action necessary to uphold the principles and regulations mandated by the constitution.

Highlighting the government's pledge to reform the judiciary, President Solih also guaranteed that any necessary actions would be taken in this regard.