Government moves to amend laws on independent institutions

Government moves to amend laws on independent institutions

The government submitted several legal amendments concerning independent institutions and the individuals employed at such bodies.

Amendments were proposed regarding the Prosecutor General's Act, Audit Act, the Civil Service Act, the Anti-Corruption Commission Act, Elections Commission Act and the Human Rights Commission Act.

The provisions aim to ensure that independent institutions and respective employees are able to perform constitutionally mandated responsibilities effectively, honestly and free of undue influence.

Additional safeguards against corruption will also be introduced under the amendments, which include mandating asset declaration for employees of independent institutions as well as their families.

The amendments also prohibit individuals working in independent institutions from conducting businesses constituting potential conflicts of interest, in addition to establishing clear ethical guidelines for such employees.

The provisions guarantee that such individuals cannot derive benefits from their positions or abuse influence.

Commissioners appointed to independent institutions will be required to provide regular progress reports to the parliament as per the amendments. Commissioners can be summoned to the parliament or relevant parliamentary committees.