Police requests not to speculate on Yameen’s death

Police requests not to speculate on Yameen’s death


Maldives Police Service has requested not to spread news and information based on speculated rumors regarding the murder of the 29-year-old social media activist and blogger, Yameen Rasheed.

A tweet sent out by the police tonight said that the murder is being investigated by the police and requested not to do anything that could obstruct the investigation at the initial stages.

Police said that speculation and misinformation by the news media could obstruct the investigation and affect the result and so requested that media outlets don’t share news, videos and pictures that could affect the investigation.

At a press conference today, the Head of Crime Investigation Department and Assistant Commissioner of Police, Abdulla Nawaz said that the crime was caught on video and the individuals involved have been identified and showed the pictures from a video footage requesting assistance from the public.

Two days in and no arrests have been made in relation to the murder.