JP: Qasim’s arrest violation of immunity law

JP: Qasim’s arrest violation of immunity law


Leader of Jumhoory Party (JP), Maamingili MP Qasim Ibrahim was jailed in violation of law on immunity for parliamentarians and needs to be released immediately, says JP.

In a statement released this Sunday, JP said Qasim was jailed in violation of the regulation of detention and release of parliamentarians stated under Article 13 (a) of the law on immunity.
Article 13 of law on immunity:

If a parliamentarian needs to be jailed for an investigation into a criminal offense; unless the parliamentarian was arrested perpetrating a criminal offense, it needs to be done under court order from a superior court or a court of a much higher jurisdiction.

The court order for Qasim’s arrest was issued by Criminal Court at the request of the police.

JP said in their statement the issue was submitted to Ethics Committee of People’s Majlis, but that the committee has not held a meeting.

Qasim was arrested last Thursday, April 6, as s suspect in a bribery case and has been remanded to police custody for six days.