Yameen's trial: Azeema Adam recuses herself from testifying

Yameen's trial: Azeema Adam recuses herself from testifying

Former Governor at the Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA), Azeema Adam has recused herself from testifying in former President Abdulla Yameen’s money laundering trial.

The defence named Azeema as a witness at the second hearing, on August 4.

While a hearing in the trial was held on Wednesday, presiding Judge Ahmed Hailam had announced that the court had received a letter from the former governor prior to the commencement of the hearing.

According to the judge, Azeema recused herself from testifying in the case after claiming that she has nothing to say in the particular case.

In addition, Azeema noted that she is currently working abroad.

While the defence had asked for the court’s decision on how to proceed with the matter, Judge Hailam announced that the court will halt work to present her.

The defence had only named Azeema as a witness, and submitted two documentary evidences.

State’s witness and Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC)'s former President Hassan Luthufee had also refused to testify in the case. While he also currently abroad, Luthufee via a letter to the court said that he will not be giving a court testimony due to the threats to his life.

While Judge Hailam decided not to take both Azeema and Luthufee’s testimonies, he chose to accept a video recording of his statement during investigations.

Speaking at Wesnesday's hearing, former President Yameen said that he has no issue with reviewing Luthufee's recorded statement, but that only "two sentences" of the long video will be "usable or acceptable."