Police assures action over MDN's radicalization report

Police assures action over MDN's radicalization report

Police is investigating Maldivian Democracy Network (MDN)’s ‘Preliminary Assessment of Radicalization in Maldives’ report, with the institution saying that the case is being treated “seriously.”

Maldives Police Service (MPS) released a statement on Saturday, noting that a case against MDN has been submitted there and that the necessary action will be taken after the investigation completes.

MPS said that any anti-Islamic rhetoric -including mocking Islam and its tenets, and disrespecting Prophet Mohamed (PBUH)’s character- is investigated seriously.

Police also assured the public that they will not hesitate from taking measures against those found guilty.

The statement also highlighted all relevant institutions were informed of the matter, following the complaint against MDN.

Further noting that this is matter of public interest, the police called on the public from taking any action that could disrupt religious unity and create chaos.

MDN’s report was first filed at the police on October 3, by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs. It said that the report “mocked Islam and the Prophet Mohamed and included content that was contrary to Islamic tenets and could disrupt the religious unity of Maldivians.”

While there has been a public outcry over the MDN report, years after it was published in 2016, the human rights group has removed it from the website and apologized for the language used. MDN further said that it will be revising the report “with assistance from religious scholars.”