Parliament accepts Child Rights Protection Bill

Parliament accepts Child Rights Protection Bill

Parliament has accepted the Child Rights Protection Bill.

73 members had voted in favour of this bill at Tuesday’s sitting.

The bill was submitted to the parliament floor by ruling party parliamentarian for Meedhoo constituency, Rozaina Adam, on behalf of the government.

It has since been forwarded to the parliament’s Human Rights and Gender Committee for further evaluation.

The main purpose on the bill is to ensure the rights of children in Maldives. Further, it also includes providing assistance and support for children who need social protection, alongside setting responsibilities for government institutions regarding taking children in as well as foster regulations and setting appropriate measures to be taken against those found negligent in child related cases.

Some of the rights as stated under the bill include:

1. Rights of growth and livelihood,

2. Rights to care and protection,

3. Rights guaranteeing protection from physical and sexual abuse,

4. Rights guaranteeing protection from any form of neglect, torture, discrimination, harm, bias or cruelty

5. Rights guaranteeing protection from undesirable social and cultural issues,

6. Rights to better preserve the wellness of children with special needs,

7. Rights to medical care,

8. Right to social protection and enhancing livelihood and

9. Rights to proper education.