PADI schedules member forum for September 15

PADI schedules member forum for September 15

Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) has scheduled to hold its member forum on September 15.

With the collaboration of Dive Club Maldives and Furaveri Island Resort and Spa, PADI's forum is set to take place over the course of four days.

The forum, which invites the public to attend, features multiple information sharing sessions across several topics including environmental conservation.

The first information sharing session is to take place at Furaveri resort on the night of September 15. On the second day, participants are scheduled to tour neighbouring islands for further sessions on courses of action to clean up beaches and islands.

The third day of the forum schedules a dive by veteran scuba divers to clean up waste disposed into the ocean. All recovered waste would be handed over to 'Project AWARE', an international non-profit organisation founded to implement lasting changes to the marine litter crises, marine conservation and to support divers.

Last on the itinerary for the PADI member forum is a presentation on Project AWARE.

PADI invites all interested parties to attend and partake in their member forum.