No leader of the government wishes well for the people-says ex president

No leader of the government wishes well for the people-says ex president

No members of the ruling coalition wish well for the country’s citizens, jailed former president of the Maldives, Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom has stated.

The former president who is currently serving five years in prison on a money laundering conviction met with his lawyers, and passed on a message to be relayed to the Maldivian people. Sharing the message with AVAS, lead counsel of Yameen’s legal team, former Vice President, Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmed said foreign countries have become entangled in the internal politics of the Maldives to an extent that has never been reached before. In his message, Yameen voiced concern on the issue and urged the people to continue to serve the nation, said Jameel.

In his message, the former president further noted that the country is facing challenges from all sides, and that no leaders of the ruling coalition seem concerned about the issues.

“His message [to the people] is that no leader of the current government is concerned with the people’s affairs. He wishes for the people to continue to strive and remain steadfast in serving the nation. [He wishes] for the people to prevent from happening, anything that may jeopardise the country’s independence and nationality”, said Jameel.

The Prosecutor General has raised two new charges of bribery and money laundering against Yameen. He was charged with corruption offences relating to the leasing of R. Fushidhiggaru island to be developed as a resort island.

While speaking to AVAS, Dr. Jameel also highlighted updates regarding the ongoing cases of the former president. Jameel said authorities still continue to hinder the legal team in meeting with Yameen and further noted that while two new charges have been raised against Yameen, adequate time has not been given to prepare for trial.

Jameel said there is no basis to either charge, and said the charges must be raised against the true perpetrators of the crime. However, bogus charges are instead being raised against Yameen, a move which is clearly politically motivated, he added. The true perpetrators are being presented as witnesses to the case, he further alleged.