NDMA moves victims of fire tragedy back to homes

NDMA moves victims of fire tragedy back to homes

National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), on Sunday, revealed that it began relocating victims of the major fire incident, which occurred on September 20, back to their homes.

NDMA Chief Executive Hisaan Hassan disclosed to local media outlet Mihaaru that people from six residences in Heinveiru ward were moved out of temporary housing and relocated, after conducting assessments to ensure that their buildings of residence were safe for occupation.

A total of 199 people from 34 families still remain lodged at temporary housing facilities provided by NDMA, which also arranged food provision for the victims.

NDMA originally provided accommodation for 326 people from 53 houses.

The fire which originated from a 3-storey chemical storage facility constructed from metal roofing sheets resulted in one death and the displacement of over 400 individuals. Four warehouses and seven residential buildings were also damaged.

Overall, NDMA has provided various forms of assistance to a total of 786 people concerning the incident, which is considered the most severe fire recorded in recent history.

Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) and other relevant institutions are currently working to clear the damaged buildings from the site of the accident.