Mus’ab dismissed as Islamic Ministry's PS

Mus’ab dismissed as Islamic Ministry's PS

Ministry of Islamic Affairs’s Permanent Secretary Mus’ab Abdulla has been dismissed from his post.

While Mus’ab was dismissed on Tuesday, he had been under suspension regarding a case being investigated by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) from 29 May onwards.

He was dismissed due to a tweet he had posted in response to allegations of theft within the Islamic Ministry.

Then, he revealed that his suspension comes as reprisal for nullifying the agreement between the government and SG Construction to develop a mosque, after receiving the green light from the Attorney General.

CSC earlier revealed that Mus’ab was suspended five times over an administrative issue, previously.

Upon his first suspension in May, Mus’ab had filed a complaint at the parliament and Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).

SG Construction was tasked with developing a 10-story building for MVR 130 million, on the plot that held Zikra Mosque.

While the agreement with the previous government was nullified after a delay, it has given the company MVR 30 million for the project.