MP Jabir proposes emergency motion over Friday’s fire

MP Jabir proposes emergency motion over Friday’s fire

Kaashidhoo MP Abdulla Jabir has proposed an emergency motion over Friday’s fire in Male’.

The fire that began at a chemical warehouse had spread to nearby buildings and resulted in one death.

At Sunday's extraordinary sitting, MP Jabir said he is proposing the emergency motion to address the concerns over the lack of safety for Male’ residents, which had resulted in four warehouses and seven buildings being burnt beyond repair, the loss of one life and 400 people losing their livelihood.

MP Jabir said that the purpose of this emergency motion is to compel the government to quickly solve the current safety issues to prevent further incidents.

During the debates, Hanimaadhoo MP Abdul Ghafoor Moosa said that he has received word that the government is planning to transfer the chemical warehouses in Male’ out of the capital city within three months. MP Ghafoor said that the government has prioritized moving the warehouses and that Friday’s fire is not an indication that the government has been negligent in their efforts.

After the incident, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has ordered authorities to begin transferring the chemical warehouses to Thilafushi.

MP Ghafoor also said that residents in Male’ and other islands face threats similar to Friday’s fire, since many warehouses are in residential areas.

Highlighting that it has been less than a year since the new administration was elected, MP Ghafoor said that the problems that has been neglected until now cannot be solved in one day.

The parliament accepted the emergency motion with 50 votes.