Missing Maldivian pilgrim found safe

Missing Maldivian pilgrim found safe

The Maldivian woman who went missing during an Umrah pilgrimage this ongoing Ramadan, has been found safe.

The woman, who embarked on the pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia via Maldives Hajj Corporation, was reported missing on Friday.

RaajjeMV understands that the 57-year-old woman had gone missing near the Haram down the path between “Safa and Marwa”.

An official at the Hajj Corporation cited that the search effort had continued without a hiatus and they had even informed her family back in Maldives when she went missing.

She was found a few kilometers off the Haram and she is in a good state, cited the official.

Although the cases of Maldivians going missing during their pilgrimage trips is rare, there have been a few such cases in the past.