Maldives to announce metered taxi fares after Ramadan

Maldives to announce metered taxi fares after Ramadan

Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation declared Sunday that the fares for metered taxis will be revealed post Ramadan, the ongoing Islamic fasting month.

State Minister Ahmed Adil shared that the ministry has already determined the meter rates for taxis.

"We will announce the fees after Ramadan, In Sha Allah".

The ministry earlier assured that the fares will be fitting for both taxi drivers and customers, and that metered services will commence within a month.

Taxi drivers will utilise a mobile application for the meter. The Transport Ministry is to reveal the required features and measures for the app in the coming week.

While some taxi centres already use mobile apps for booking and tracking taxis in Maldives, the ministry has declared that taxis may only use government-sanctioned apps in the future.

"Any apps that fit the guidelines of the ministry will be authorised," said Adil.

Transport Minister Aishath Nahula previously stated that the ministry considered the challenges faced taxi drivers and customers, in establishing metered taxi services.