Maldives inaugurates new hydroponics programme in Maalhos

Maldives inaugurates new hydroponics programme in Maalhos

Minister of Fisheries, Marine Resource and Agriculture Zaha Waheed on Wednesday inaugurated the hydroponics programme in Maalhos, Baa Atoll, conducted by the Ministry.

In addition to the Minister, council members of the island participated in the inauguration ceremony.

Hydroponics is a modern subset of hydroculture where the plants are grown by using nutrients in a water solvent rather than soil.

The system is currently installed in 10 houses in Maalhos, all of which were toured by Minister Zaha as part of her visit to inaugurate the programme. Under the programme, more houses are planned to host the hydroponics system.

Under the introduction of the hydroponics system, training programmes to use the water-based planting system were conducted on the island. The Agriculture Minister awarded certificates to all 20 participants who partook in the training programme.

According to the Minister, the hydroponics programme is carried out with the purpose of further fulfilling the wellbeing of the island residents. Zaha declared that the administration is giving priority to ensure that those working in agriculture and farming receive their due payments.

"Our government policy includes providing many citizens with benefits for agriculture. Further, to better improve their wellbeing. Our efforts are to improve the living conditions of residents in different islands and to give particular attention to develop farming into a profitable sector", said Minister Zaha.

The Agriculture Minister's visit was attended by several resorts in Baa Atoll.

They commented that their attendance was to observe how to use hydroponics as a planting system, and to discuss employment opportunities with the island's residents.

Assistant Purchasing Manager of Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Landaa Giraavaru Abdul Nasir affirmed the high priority that the resort gives to local business practices. He further stated that upon observing the use of hydroponics, that discussions will be held to purchase and implement the system at the resort.

He commented on the high quality of the hydroponics products, stating that there is an advantage to using local products as they are able to personally witness their production. He further said that the products will be tested and their possible purchase will be discussed.

Agriculture Minister Zaha commented that the training programme was greatly successful and revealed plans to conduct further such initiatives.

The training programmes are to be conducted in collaboration with island councils.