Maldives establishes consulate office in Saudi Arabia

Maldives establishes consulate office in Saudi Arabia

A Maldivian consulate office has been established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

While the office was established by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih in pilgrimage hub Jeddah, it will mainly focus on providing assistance and support for Maldivian travelling to the kingdom, be it Hajj and Umrah pilgrims, students or Maldivian families overall.

President Solih reached the decision to establish the consulate by the powers vested in him under Maldives constitution, article 116 (a) which states that “the president has discretion to establish all ministries required within the Government, and shall determine their areas of jurisdiction and that the president shall submit all information relating to the ministries and their areas of jurisdiction to the People’s Majlis for approval”.

This in turn authorizes President Solih to designate jurisdiction to the consulate office under the Maldives Embassy stationed in Saudi Arabia being run under the Maldives Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

President Solih announced the decision to establish consular services in the kingdom during his presidential address which was delivered at the inauguration of the 19th tenure of Parliament in 2019.