Ibthihal's mother recants abuse confession

Ibthihal's mother recants abuse confession

Aafiyaa Mohamed, the mother to Mohamed Ibthihal, during Tuesday's Criminal Court hearing denied ever having confessed to the murder of her son.

In addition to charges over non-compliance, Aafiyaa was charged with first-degree murder and had supplied a confession to the crime in court. At the hearing that followed, she admitted to abusing Ibthihaal and detailed the events of the day he died.

She first made a U-turn regarding her confessions during a hearing in 2018.

During the Tuesday hearing over her non-compliance charges, Aafiya denied signing a confession to her alleged crimes and stated that she did not abuse Ibthihal.

Aafiyaa requested for legal representation during her trial.

The state is currently re-taking the testimonies previously given by the 19 witnesses, due to the sudden changes in Aafiyaa's narrative.

Aafiyaa stated that she is seeking to present husband Ibrahim Shafeeq to testify and prove her innocence.

Previously, Aafiyaa claimed that she was threatened to plead guilty by two people, Abdul Fahthaah and Zareena.

Three-year-old Ibthihaal was found dead on January 28, 2015, at his home in Rakeedhoo, Vaavu Atoll with visible injuries on his body.

The state has urged judicial bodies to expedite the case.