Govt will bring justice to family of murdered Meedhoo native, Anas: President

Govt will bring justice to family of murdered Meedhoo native, Anas: President

The government will do “everything in its power” to bring justice to the family of murdered local, Anas Abdul Sattar, says President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

Solih gave this assurance following a meeting with residents of Meedhoo, Raa atoll on Wednesday, who had implored the government to speed up the murder investigation of Anas, a Meedhoo resident.

Reassuring the bereaved family, Solih assured that the presidential inquiry commission on murders and enforced disappearances is conducting an inquiry into his murder.

Anas was stabbed to death by a group of masked assailants in July 2017. CCTV footage showed him running into Litus Service Center in a desperate attempt to outrun his attackers. He was pinned down and stabbed inside the garage.

First-degree murder charges were raised against four, Ahmed Zayan, Usman Shareef, Mohamed Shaaz and Afrah Abdul Razzaq while three, Junaih Abdullah, Hassan Mahfooz and Simaah Moosa were charged as accessories to the crime, in having helped four of the suspects to flee the scene.

Also on Wednesday, the President was briefed by the island council, on information, concerns and issues that have been surfacing for the island community.

The meeting took place as part of his ongoing trip, which Solih describes as an important step to allow the government to share key information with local councils, especially regarding prospective amendments to the Decentralization Act.

The proposed amendments in question, will grant more responsibilities to the local councils which will help them address issues facing their constituents.

Further discussions included regarding future development pans, concerns linked to health care, waste management, lack of land and housing issues, the island’s underdeveloped harbor and the urgent need to upgrade the education sector.

Solih had assured the island council that said issues will be addressed after thorough discussions with the relevant ministries.