Four more Maldivians remanded in Sri Lanka

Four more Maldivians remanded in Sri Lanka

With an additional four Maldivians arrested by Sri Lankan authorities, a total of six Maldivians are currently on remand in the neighboring country.

While four were arrested at a checkpoint on Monday, RaajjeMV has learnt that they have been remanded by three days, giving the time for Lankan security officers to gather their documents.

RaajjeMV also understands that the four had traveled to Sri Lanka for business- to buy motorcycle spare parts- and were arrested at a checkpoint placed about a 100km from capital Colombo.


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A Lankan court had issued a 14-day remand to two Maldivians on Saturday as well; they were arrested on Friday.


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The embassy said that all Maldivians detained in Sri Lanka “are well,” and that an official “visits them every day.” It further noted that their families are allowed to meet them as well.

In addition, four Maldivian students were released from custody this week. They were arrested last Thursday after police found an air rifle- without required license- during a raid.

Following the series of coordinated attacks on April 21, Sri Lankan authorities have launched a “major search operation," with President Maithripala Sirisena stating that “every household in the country will be checked” in the operation. Over 250 people were killed in the attack.

While a number of Maldivians reside in the neighboring country, its capital has often been described as Maldives' second biggest city.