First lady launches the 'Hearty Breaks' programme

First lady launches the 'Hearty Breaks' programme

First Lady Fazna Ahmed launched the ‘School Corridor Activity; Hearty Breaks’ on Sunday.

The activity was introduced at an event held at Ghaazee School, in Hulhumalé, on the occasion of World Heart Day.

‘School Corridor Activity; Hearty Breaks’ was launched by the Ministry of Education, in association with the non-governmental organization ‘Tiny Hearts of Maldives’.

Speaking at the event, the first lady stated that hearty breaks prograame “will augment social interactions during collaborative learning and also offer a purposeful way for kids to use their corridors and enjoy the free time.”

Fazna also expressed gratitude towards the organizers, for the event.

The current government pledged to work closely with non-governmental organizations to further promote healthier lifestyles, and collaborate for wellness programmes conducted by civil society groups for the benefit of the society.