Did former Islamic Minister Dr. Shaheem just threaten Solih's government?

Did former Islamic Minister Dr. Shaheem just threaten Solih's government?

Former Islamic Minister, Dr. Mohmed Shaheem Ali Saeed has threatened the incumbent government, via Twitter.

Shaheem, former President Abdulla Yameen’s runningmate for the 2018 presidential elections, has been accused of providing inaccurate information in the investigation into the 2012 murder of Dr. Afrasheem Ali. While the report was forwarded to all relevant institutions last week, it was publicized on Sunday.

Dr. Afrasheem Ali is to have met with Shaheem on the day of his murder, at the Ministry of Islamic Affairs.

Shaheem had told the commission that the Ungoofaaru constituency MP had come to his office without his prior knowledge.

However, messages sent between the two proves that Shaheem had asked the parliamentarian to meet him at the ministry at 1pm, after which Dr. Afrasheem had asked to prepone the meeting to 12:30pm and the parliament reconvenes at 1pm.

While Dr. Afrasheem is to have requested to go on live TV, and he was given an hour of airtime on Television Maldives (TVM)’s “Islamee Dhiriulhun” that night.

Prior to this, on 12th September 2012. Dr. Shaheem is to have received a message saying “it would be better for him [Dr. Afrasheem” to repent and announce this on TV,” which he forwarded to the lawmaker. The former minister had told the commission that he does not remember whom the message was from.

While Shaheem is to have requested and arranged for Afrasheem to do a live TV interview on the night of his murder, this was allegedly to repent and apologize for his previous statements. This can be seen in the text messages exchanged between the two.

However, he had told the commission that he was unaware of why the MP wanted to do an interview that night. Hence, the commission noted that the information provided by Shaheem “is inaccurate.”

Furthermore, the inquiry commission’s report also highlighted that a group with jihadist ideologies had traveled out of the country early morning on the 2nd of October 2012; they are to have gone to Syria and Sudan, through Qatar. Their identities are included in the report as well. Dr. Shaheem is to have traveled out of the country on the same day as well.

While the former minister is accused of lying to the presidential commission, he has since given out what can only be described as a threat.

In the tweet, Dr. Shaheem asked whether he is being sacrificed to mark one the current administration’s one year in office, adding that “by defaming me you might have just laid the foundation for the end of your leadership.