Dhoonidhoo Detention Centre to be demolished, rebuilt to humane standards

Dhoonidhoo Detention Centre to be demolished, rebuilt to humane standards

Minister of Home Affairs, Sheikh Imran Abdulla has revealed that plans to demolish and rebuild Dhoonidhoo Detention Centre is underway.

While appearing on RaajjeTV's "Fashaairu" programme on Sunday, the minister stated that the administration has undertaken many efforts to improve the quality and living standard of the detention center.

Likewise, detainees are now authorized a total of two hours for family visits, and arrangements have been made for detainees to hold online meetings with their lawyer. Additionally, phone call access has been granted to foreign detainees.

The minister further stated that efforts have been made to increase space in the center, as well as improve its living standard.

While describing the condition of the center, the minister stated that preparations were underway to demolish the center but had to be postponed. Nevertheless, the centre is set to be demolished and rebuilt next year.

The minister, who has previously been detained at Dhoonidhoo, claimed that conditions of the detention centre will only improve when corrections officers change their views, and become officers that respect human dignity.

As such, an audit report prepared by the Prison Audit Commission (PAC) was released on 15th April this year. The report details issues such as overcrowding, corruption in the process of services to inmates and inmate release, and deteriorating living conditions in addition to discrimination in providing constitutional rights to foreign inmates as well as acts of brutality against inmates.