Dhiraagu launches promotion for Fibre Broadband customers

Dhiraagu launches promotion for Fibre Broadband customers

Telecommunication giant Dhiraagu launched a special promotion for their Fibre Broadband customers.

Under this promotion, customers can experience high-speed internet packages with a variety of allowances for a two month period without any additional costs.

Dhiraagu will continue the promotion until October 31.

According to the company, this promotion offers customers a chance to experience a better package at the same price as their current packages.

Dhiraagu stated that during this period, customers have the option to revert back to their original package if they prefer it over the packages offered in the promotion.

In addition, customers will have the option to stick to their promotional package even after the duration for the offer passes.

During the promotion, customers who want to change their internet packages can do so through the company's website.

They can also adjust their package by visiting any of Dhiraagu's customer service centres.