Dhiraagu hosts Pre-School Football Festival 2019

Dhiraagu hosts Pre-School Football Festival 2019

Telecommunications giant Dhiraagu held their annual 'Dhiraagu Pre-School Football Festival 2019'.

The festival started onAugust 23, Friday and went on until Saturday.

A total of 300 children participated in the ninth edition of the festival held in capital city of Male'.

Teams from 17 schools in the Greater Male' region competed in the festival organised by Ahmadhiyya International School.

Participating schools include Kangaroo Kids Preschool, Muhyiddin School, Galolhu Madhrasa, Ahmadhiyya International School, Brightway International School, Maafannu Madarusa, Dhondhooni Little Learners Preschool and Little Gems Preschool.

First place was bagged by Dhondhooni Little Learners Preschool.

Dhiraagu Pre-School Football Festival has increased in popularity since the first competition was hosted in 2010, attracting more schools to participate each year.