BML donates 60 motorized wheelchairs

BML donates 60 motorized wheelchairs

Bank of Maldives (BML) has donated motorized wheelchairs to 60 individuals with disabilities across the country this year.

According to BML, these donations are part of the initiative 'Aharenge Bank' that commenced in 2017. They have, till date, delivered 76 wheelchairs to individuals affected by physical disabilities.

Weighing in on these contributions BML CEO and Managing Director Tim Sawyer stated that, "It is truly inspiring to be involved in something as worthwhile as this. For many people, a wheelchair provides greater freedom as they go about their everyday lives. This initiative has given us the opportunity to offer assistance to those who need it and give back to the community.”

In February 2017 BML donated MVR 150,000 to individuals with disabilities under the same initiative.

BML’s 'Aharenge Bank' campaign is a nationwide movement by the bank to strengthen its connections with the public.