Adeeb to be sentenced on Thursday over flee attempt

Adeeb to be sentenced on Thursday over flee attempt

The court will be giving its verdict on Thursday after former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb pled guilty to obstruction of justice for attempting to flee from Maldives while his passport was withheld over a separate case.

The sentencing hearing will be held at the Criminal Court at 2pm.

Adeeb returned to Maldives on August 3 after being captured while attempting to flee on a boat.

While the punishment for it is four months and 24 days in prison, Adeeb will likely receive three months and 18 days since he has pled guilty.

At the trial, Adeeb said that he pleads guilty to the charge and has sent a letter of apology to the police service, vowing never to repeat his actions. He said he was compelled to flee due to the threats he was receiving at the time.

In May, the High Court had overturned an eight-year conviction against him over embezzlement, and in June, the state appealed at the Supreme Court.

Afterwards the Supreme Court ordered him to be held in jail for the remainder of the appeal hearings, but has been transferred to house arrest on the recommendation of doctors.