UNICEF South Asia Regional Director calls on First Lady

UNICEF South Asia Regional Director calls on First Lady

United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)'s Regional Director for South Asia Jean Gough, on Tuesday, paid a courtesy call on First Lady Fazna Ahmed, at the presidential residence Mulee'aage.

The First Lady and the Regional Director discussed the prospect of increasing collaboration within the field of child protection and equitable access to services and mechanisms designed to ensure their safety.

The regional director also highlighted sports as an area in which children often learn important life lessons, such as teamwork and humility during both victory and defeat.

She strongly recommended incorporating sport into current strategies and curriculums designed to build up children's social skills.

On behalf of UNICEF, Gough also invited the First Lady to assume the role of an advocate for the rights of children and young people in the country, particularly those requiring special care and attention.

In response, first lady Fazna stated that she would be delighted and keen to conduct additional social work, noting their common priorities within the sector.

Further addressing sports and education as areas for further development, she noted that the next instalment of the Indian Ocean Island Games (IOIG) scheduled for 2023 and hosted by Maldives, would provide opportunities for constructive engagement.

Ending the discussions, the first lady expressed her intention of working with UNICEF in the future and assured assistance at her maximum capacity.