Saudi University opens scholarships for Maldivian students

Saudi University opens scholarships for Maldivian students

Maldives National University (MNU)'s Faculty of Law and Sharia, on Tuesday, opened applications for fully-funded scholarships offered by Saudi Arabia's Prince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz University.

Faculty Dean Ali Zahir stated that the application deadline for the degree programs was set for 1400 hrs on June 18.

Interested students must submit attested copies of educational certificates to the faculty.

Zahir revealed that degree programs offered under the scholarships spanned the five areas of Engineering, Computing, Science, Management and Education. All chosen students will be required to take Arabic Language classes during their first year of study.

To qualify for the scholarships, students must be under 24 years, possess A level certification and be of sound health.

According to Zahir, applicants would be jointly interviewed by MNU and a dean from the Saudi university before being granted the scholarship.

He also stated that the university was yet to confirm the number of scholarship placements.