Restrictions lifted from Sandies Bathala resort

Restrictions lifted from Sandies Bathala resort

Health Protection Agency (HPA) lifted the restrictions imposed on Sandies Bathala Resort late Wednesday after samples tested negative for COVID-19.

As per protocol, the agency stated that the temporary monitoring measures enacted on the resort have been lifted.

Maldives, like many other countries, has moved to quarantine a number of areas with suspected cases, isolating suspected and confirmed cases alike. However, despite significant public pressure to do so, and although all movement from resorts to islands is now restricted, the country is yet to issue a lockdown blocking all incoming travel from other countries.

As such, resort employees currently face the highest risk of exposure to the virus.

Maldives now has 13 confirmed and five active cases of COVID-19, with eight recoveries. So far, only tourists and resort employees have confirmed infections in Maldives with no record of local transmissions within the country. The first Maldivian tested positive for the virus in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The World Health Organization has classified the spread of COVID-19 as a global pandemic. The novel coronavirus has infected more than 471,500 and claimed over 21,200 lives around the world. However, out of those infected, more than 114,600 have recovered.