President Solih congratulates new parliament speaker Nasheed

President Solih congratulates new parliament speaker Nasheed

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Tuesday night congratulated former President Mohamed Nasheed on being elected as speaker of parliament.

The meeting was held at the President’s Office after the 19th Parliament was sworn in. While the former president was elected as speaker, Galolhu North MP Eva Abdulla was elected as deputy speaker.

President Solih stated that the new Constitution was brought through the hard work of many people and with high expectations linked to it.

He noted that the duties of Parliament Speaker are important and expressed confidence that Nasheed will carry out the responsibilities smoothly and fairly.

The president also assured that the parliament will have the full cooperation of the government.

Speaker of Parliament Nasheed stated that he would consult all members of the parliament individually and collectively with all the political parties in carrying out his duties. He also assured that he would cooperate with the government in implementing policies that are of national interest.

After the meeting, President Solih appointed Nasheed to the Judicial Service Commission under Article 158 (h) of the Constitution and Article 3 (1) of the Judicial Service Act.

The letter of appointment was handed over to Nasheed by the President after he took the oath of membership for JSC. The oath was administered by Chief Justice Dr Ahmed Abdulla Didi.