Pres Solih congratulates Indian PM Modi on election win

Pres Solih congratulates Indian PM Modi on election win

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Thursday congratulated Bharatiya Janaata Party, the BJP led NDA, and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on their win in the Indian General Elections of 2019.

The people of India have yet again entrusted Modi's administration to continue leading them.

Along with good wishes, President Solih expressed optimism that both Modi and his administration can continue positive engagements on issues of mutual benefit.

President thanked Prime Minister Modi in particular for the emphasis given by him for the safety and security of the Indian Ocean Region in his foreign policy.

Additionally, he expressed that Maldives is committed to continuing its cooperation with India for the benefit of the entire region.

President Solih further noted that each general election in India represents the world’s largest exercise in a peaceful democracy, an accomplishment that should justifiably be held in pride by Indian citizens who for several decades have exercised their constitutional rights to choose their representatives and leadership, in record numbers each time.

He ended the message stating that he hopes to welcome Prime Minister Modi to Maldives once again to continue bilateral dialogues at the highest level.