Police arrest drug trafficking suspect on uninhabited island

Police arrest drug trafficking suspect on uninhabited island

Maldives Police Service, on Monday, apprehended an individual suspected of attempting to smuggle drugs to Kanduhulhudhoo, Gaafu Alif Atoll, while he was hiding on Maavaralu, an uninhabited island in the vicinity.

Reportedly, the suspect was trying to traffic the narcotic substances via ferry when he received news that the police were searching for him. The man subsequently jumped into the sea and swam to Maavaralu.

The police found him hiding on the island at approximately 0900 hrs. At the time of his arrest, the man did not have any drugs on his person.

Three other people boarded a dinghy and pursued the suspect after he jumped into the sea. The three individuals were also en route to Kanduhulhudoo on the same ferry and are known to have connections with the suspect.

The dinghy later capsized, forcing one of the men to swim to Maavaralu, after which he notified the police on his own accord. A boat registered at Kanduhulhudhoo rescued one of the remaining two.

Kanduhulhudhoo Council member Shahid Ibrahim Didi revealed that all of the men on the capsized dinghy are currently safe and under police custody.