Parliament Speaker Nasheed appointed CVF Ambassador

Parliament Speaker Nasheed appointed CVF Ambassador

Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed was appointed as a Thematic Ambassador for the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF).

CVF's current chair Bangladeshi Foreign Minister Abul Kalam Abdul Momen notified the former president of his designation as the Thematic Ambassador in the area of 'Ambition'.

In order to further its aims, CVF appoints ambassadors in six different areas, including 'Ambition', 'Culture', 'Finance', 'Parliaments' as well as 'Renewable Energy and Vulnerability'.

Speaker Nasheed was chosen for the position due to his climate advocacy efforts in the international arena.

In 2018, Nasheed headed the Maldivian envoy to the 24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP24).

The former president also received global recognition for the speech he delivered at COP15, calling for reductions in global carbon emissions. During his presidency, Nasheed orchestrated the world's first underwater cabinet meeting to emphasize the threat posed by sea level rise.

Established in 2009, CVF is an international partnership of 48 countries that face heightened threats due to climate change. Serving as a South-South cooperation platform, CVF aims to boost awareness, encourage the implementation of environmentally sustainable policies and increase the use of renewable energy.