PGO presses charges against two men over ISIS claimed arson

PGO presses charges against two men over ISIS claimed arson

The Prosecutor General's Office, on Thursday, charged Moosa Inas and Abdul Latheef Ibrahim over the deliberate burning of a police speedboat docked at the harbour of Gan, Laamu Atoll on March 22.

International terrorist organisation Islamic State (IS) implied its responsibility for the arson attack during April, in addition to confirming its role in the blaze set in Mahibadhoo, Alif Dhaalu Atoll on April 15 which resulted in damages to four speedboats, a sea ambulance and two dinghies.

The two men were charged under the Anti-Terrorism Act after the police found videos and material indicating support for terrorist organisations during an inspection of their residences and possessions.

According to the PG Office, police officers discovered documents and videos supporting Al Qaeda and ISIS on Inas's laptop while documents supporting Al Qaeda and Jabhat al-Nusra were found on Abdul Latheef's hard drive.

If the charges are proven, both men face between one to three years of jail time.

Inas and Abdul Latheef were also implicated in the bombing that took place near Sultan Park in the capital city of Male' in 2007.

Abdul Latheef initially went into hiding after the bombing and was arrested in August 2012, upon his return to the country from Pakistan. At the time of his arrest, Interpol had issued a 'Red Notice' for his detainment.

On July 7, Laamu Atoll's Magistrate Court sentenced Abdul Latheef to one year and 12 days of imprisonment for the obstruction of justice in the investigation concerning the arson attack.

Meanwhile, Inas was pardoned for his crimes and released from prison despite being sentenced to 15 years in prison over the bombing.