MNDF arrest illegal immigrants at sea

MNDF arrest illegal immigrants at sea

Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) arrested illegal immigrants travelling by boat on Tuesday.

MNDF stated that they spotted the boat, which was carrying cargo from Feydhoo, Seenu Atoll, during an inspection of vessels as part of their ongoing training programme.

In addition to inspecting vehicles and vessels, the training programme involves military personnel operating with weapons.

According to MNDF, none of those on-board knew the name of the unidentified sea craft. They also did not possess work permits.

While the boat contained no seafaring certificates, the expatriates informed MNDF that their captain was in Hulhumeedhoo, Seenu Atoll.

The boat was carrying frozen chicken and 6,000 litres of petrol for Fenaka Corporation, a state-run utilities company which provides water supply, electricity and sewerage services in the islands.

Police are currently investigating the matter.

Immigration revealed that 63,000 of the 144,607 expatriates living in Maldives do not hold proper documentation. The issue of expatriates being brought into the country through deceitful means was also noted as a concerning issue.