MJA holds first Executive Committee meeting

MJA holds first Executive Committee meeting

The Executive Committee of the Maldives Journalist Association (MJA) held its first meeting on Tuesday.

During the meeting, the recently elected Executive Committee decided to commence the process of amending MJA's charter by opening the opportunity for the association's members, as well as other journalists, to submit their recommendations.

As per the committee, priority will be accorded to nullifying any provisions which contradict democratic principles and including progressive clauses with input from members.

Additionally, the Executive Committee green lit the formation of four permanent internal committees to ensure that MJA is an administratively efficient and active body that operates with the participation of all journalists in the country.

All interested MJA members can join the committees which will be overseen a member of the association's Executive Committee. The committees and their respective chairs are as follows:

- Foreign Relations Committee: Mohamed Junaid

- Admin and Media Relations Committee: Ahmed Naif

- Research and Advocacy Committee: Fathimath Saya Ahmed

- Programmes and Fund Raising Committee: Nazim Hassan

Furthermore, the Executive Committee also decided to hold future meetings on a monthly basis and establish a communication platform for journalists and editors to encourage close cooperation between MJA members.

MJA also finalised the decision to issue a publication and host a public dialogue concerning journalism. Further details regarding the measures will be disclosed shortly.

According to MJA, the association's main purpose is to provide Maldivian journalists with opportunities for further education, research and experience as well as encouraging the practice of ethical journalism in the country and offering technical assistance to local news agencies in the formulation of ethical guidelines.

In order to fulfill the aforementioned aims, MJA has initiated efforts to establish connections with both local and international organizations.

Reporters Without Borders and the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) have welcomed MJA's decision to restart activities and elect a new Executive Committee. The association has commenced discussions with both organizations to facilitate close cooperation.