I believe Maldives will remain independent: Speaker Nasheed

I believe Maldives will remain independent: Speaker Nasheed

Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed, on Sunday, asserted that the Maldivian people and military forces will maintain the country's independence.

Delivering his remarks on the occasion of celebrating the island nation's 55th Independence Day, the former Maldives' president highlighted the importance of peace in the Indian Ocean.

Noting that the harmony and safety of Maldives will be reflected in the Indian Ocean, Nasheed stressed on how the aforementioned depends on the actions of Maldivians.

"No parties have succeeded in taking over the Indian Ocean without some form of agreement with Maldivians. Prior to the Brtish presence in Maldives, any power over the Indian Ocean was granted through agreements with Maldivians", he said.

Nasheed, known to be an avid historian, elaborated on the ancient ties between former Indian leaders and Maldivian kings, adding that letters exchanged between Maldives and India in olden times had been documented in Maldivian history.

According to Nasheed, such artefacts were presently displayed across different archives located in both India and Britain.

On 16 December 1887, the Sultan of the Maldives signed a contract with the British Governor of Ceylon, turning the Maldives into a British protected state, thus giving up the country's sovereignty in matters of foreign policy, but retaining internal self-government.

Maldives gained independence from the British under an agreement signed with the United Kingdom on July 26, 1965. Since then, the country has celebrated July 26 as the Independence Day each year.