Graft watchdog inspects HDC in corruption probe

Graft watchdog inspects HDC in corruption probe

Anti Corruption Commission (ACC), on Monday, paid an inspection visit to Housing Development Corporation (HDC), an institution accused of being riddled with corruption during the previous administration.

A team of ACC members actively examined HDC offices for documents relevant to their investigation.

A spokesperson from the anti-corruption watchdog confirmed that the commission received many cases related to HDC, including questionable methods of issuing flats and land leasing. The corporation was allegedly implicated in conducting projects which resulted in considerable losses for the state.

Moreover, accusations were lodged against HDC that the corporation acted as the main campaign hub for former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom during 2018's presidential elections.

However, HDC denied claims of hiring temporary employees and spending millions to host activities for Yameen's campaign.

The housing corporation suffered huge financial losses during the period leading up to the elections.

In order to recover their finances, HDC opened entries to purchase 400 plots of land in phase 2 of reclaimed suburb Hulhumale'. Each 1,000 square feet plot was to be sold at the overpriced rate of MVR 400,000 per square feet.

ACC however, intervened and halted the process at the time.