Government announces ban on travel between all islands of Maldives

Government announces ban on travel between all islands of Maldives

The government of Maldives has suspended travel between all islands across the country from 18:00 tomorrow, as a safety measure against the Covid-19 virus. 

In a statement signed by the Director-General of Public Health, Maimoona Aboobakuru, issued on the Health Protection Agency's official twitter account, it was announced that the government was banning non-essential travel between islands across the country from 18:00 onwards tomorrow.

The statement also read that essential travels such as cargo supplies are to be carried out under the instructions of the council. The order also announced a ban on public gatherings of any kind on any island. Activities such as Maahefun, parties and ceremonies, trips, swimming and other such activities involving sports as well as other community activities are also banned.

Other than this, the HPA announcement also requested islands to:

  • To quickly inform the HPA if a suspected case or symptoms of Covid-19 are noticed or identified from an individual that may have traveled to the island from Male', a resort or safari. 
  • To practice social distancing and follow the instructions of the authorities at all times as well during visits outdoors for essential purposes. 

The measures are imposed under the powers granted to the Director-General by law. 

The newly imposed measures mean that the whole country is in a state of lockdown. Male' City is already under a state of lockdown following three confirmed cases on Wednesday. The state of lockdown in Male' is set to expire at 15:30 tomorrow. 

The Health Protection Agency has requested the public to provide any information regarding the three positive cases in the populous capital confirmed on Wednesday. Authorities are still conducting contact tracing on Patient 21, which is the first confirmed case from the capital. Patient 22, the next confirmed case in the capital was later identified as the child of Patient 21. A third case, Patient 23, who was in contact with Patient 21, has also tested positive for the virus.

The authorities have still not determined how Patient 21 had been infected with the virus.v