Emergency motion to parliament over Adeeb travelling abroad

Emergency motion to parliament over Adeeb travelling abroad

Galolhu South MP Meekail Naseem on Wednesday filed an emergency motion at the parliament regarding Maldives Correctional Services (MCS)'s decision to permit former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb to travel abroad.

In the motion, the lawmaker from Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) raised concerns, noting that Adeeb was accused of aiding the perpetrators behind the murder of former Ungoofaaru MP Dr Afrasheem Ali and disappearance of journalist Ahmed Rilwan, flee the country.

The lawmaker proposed to summon Commissioner of Prisons Abdulla Munaz to the parliamentary committee on independent institutions for questioning, regarding the steps taken by MCS to ensure that Adeeb would not abscond once overseas.

The parliament has approved the motion for debate.

Speaking at Wednesday's sitting, Meekail Naseem stated that the courts recently closed several cases of Adeeb, acquitting him of various charges. He highlighted that Judge Shujau Usman of the High Court had abruptly returned from leave to close Adeeb's corruption case, in which he was charged with embezzling MVR 77 million.

The lawmaker reiterated the importance of looking into the measures taken to prevent Adeeb from absconding, claiming that the former vice president was already "prepared to take off".

MCS announced the decision to permit Adeeb to travel aboard late Tuesday, stating that the decision was made based on the advice given by the medical board after Adeeb requested permission. The former vice president and Tourism Minister had on several occasions requested to travel abroad for medical purposes.

Following the recent annulment of his sentences, Adeeb is currently acquitted of all charges against him, escaping a hefty 33-year jail sentence.

The Supreme Court overturned his 10-year sentence over charges of illegal weapons possession, while the High Court overturned Adeeb's 10-year and 8-year sentences over his involvement in the blast aboard the presidential speedboat in 2015, and corruption charges respectively.

While the High Court had ordered the Criminal Court to retry two of the cases, the lower court sent the charges back to the Prosecutor General's Office.

However, the state appealed the High Court's verdict on Adeeb's corruption case at the Supreme Court last Monday.