Emergency Medical Services unit to be established at Dharavandhoo Hospital

Emergency Medical Services unit to be established at Dharavandhoo Hospital

The Ministry of Health awarded the development of an Emergency Medical Services unit at Dharavandhoo Hospital in Baa Atoll to LF Construction Pvt Ltd on Monday.

Health Minister Abdulla Ameen and LF Construction's Managing Director Abdul Latheef signed the agreement in a ceremony held at the ministry.

Valued at MVR 8.45 million, the project is financed through a grant of MVR 7.5 million from the government of India and MVR 980,800 from the state budget of Maldives.

India approved the financial support to construct the Emergency Medical Services unit under the MVR 106 million grant assistance extended by the Indian government, in March 2019, for socio-economic development projects in Maldives.

The health ministry declared that the Emergency Medical Services unit will highly broaden the reach of emergency medical attention in Baa Atoll. Noting the presence of several tourist resorts in the region as well as the domestic airport on Dharavandhoo, the ministry stated that the establishment of emergency care facilities will help to overcome the challenges presently faced by Dharavandhoo Hospital.

The project includes the development of a fully-fledged emergency centre, training facilities and office space within Dharavandhoo Hospital.

A period of 200 days was granted to LF Construction to complete the project.

In addition to Health Minister Ameen and Managing Director Abdul Latheef, the signing ceremony was attended by Foreign Secretary Abdul Ghafoor Mohamed, High Commissioner of India to Maldives Sunjay Sudir, and other officials from the government and the Indian High Commission.

Speaking at the event, Foreign Secretary Ghafoor also highlighted that the new centre will enhance access to resourceful and affordable healthcare facilities. He added that the such facilities would further increase the government's resilience in responding to disaster response plans at the local, regional and national levels as well.

Regarding the project, the Indian High Commission stated it was a privilege to support the development of a centre geared to provide immediate and urgent medical interventions to the local community.

"These small and medium grant projects have opened a new chapter in the development partnership between India and the Maldives".