COVID-19: New cases identified from Himmafushi Rehab Centre

COVID-19: New cases identified from Himmafushi Rehab Centre

Three people have tested positive for COVID-19 at the Drug Rehabilitation Centre in K. Himmafushi.

The island council said the council was informed by the Health Protection Agency (HPA) that the island has been brought to 'monitoring' status. However, the authority did not state why entering and exiting the island has been restricted, said the council.

Speaking to AVAS, council member Hassan Faiz said the council has learnt from reliable sources that three people at the island's rehab centre have tested positive for COVID-19. Faiz said the only samples taken from the island were random samples collected from the rehabilitation centre. It has been reported that HPA collected ten random samples from the Drug Rehabilitation Centre, out of which three has come back positive.

It is unknown whether any persons were taken to the centre after COVID-19 was detected in capital Male' earlier last month on April 15. Entry to the rehab is strictly restricted.

The parental authority of the centre, Drug Agency is yet to comment on the reports. The precautionary measures taken at the centre have not been publicized. A large number of people are currently seeking treatment at the centre.