COVID-19: 6 people test positive from Narudhooo

COVID-19: 6 people test positive from Narudhooo

Six people that came into contact with a positive case of COVID-19 in the island of Narudhoo have tested positive for the virus. The virus-positive individuals were all contacts of the captain of the passenger boat Amaazu, which traveled to several islands in the north of Maldives on April 15-16, before an order restricting travel in the country was imposed. 

Trustable sources informed Sun that the six people are all residents of Narudhoo and authorities are working to transport them to a designated isolation facility.

Speaking in a press conference last night, National Emergency Operations Center, medical officer Dr. Ibrahim Afzal had stated that 101 contacts had been identified from the Amaazu boat cluster (AMZ cluster), out of which, six were now exhibiting symptoms of the virus. It is not yet confirmed whether the six people that tested positive are the six individuals that the doctor was referring to as being symptomatic.

“One of the secondary contacts is symptomatic. Five others from the primary 101 contacts are also symptomatic. Authorities are working to collect samples to test them.” Dr. Afzal had said.

The 49-year old local male who is the captain of the boat tested positive last Saturday after traveling with 91 passengers prompting the authorities to issue a request for anyone that traveled on the boat to report themselves.

14 northern islands in total have been placed under monitoring mechanisms due to the cluster.

Islands under monitoring due to the cluster are:

  • Sh. Narudhoo
  • Sh. Milandhoo
  • Sh. Feevah
  • Sh. Maaungoodhoo
  • Sh. Goidhoo
  • N. Maafaru
  • N. Miladhoo
  • N. Velidhoo
  • N. Kendhikulhudhoo
  • N. Holhudhoo
  • H. Dh. Hirimaradhoo
  • Kulhudhuffushi City
  • H. A. Dhidhdhoo
  • H. A. Utheemu

The chance of new clusters sprouting out from the Amaazu boat case was high, according to the authorities.