A parliament that delivers to the people: Nasheed

A parliament that delivers to the people: Nasheed

Newly-elected Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed declared that the recently inaugurated parliament would fulfil all pledges made to the people.

In an exclusive interview with The Edition, the former President and current leader of Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) stated, "We outlined what the Parliament would be under Agenda 19. Our intention is to fulfil all pledges, through the parliament, with dignity, honour and respect. To make it a Parliament that does its work, and delivers to the people".

Furthermore, Nasheed spoke to the vision he holds for his tenure as Speaker of the Parliament, expressing wishes to make the legislative body as accountable as possible, and equally responsive to the citizens it serves.

He highlighted that transparency and accountability would be the highest priorities under his tenure. To ensure such values, Nasheed said that the parliament and MDP with its supermajority status would hold the constitution in the highest regard.

"We will make sure that everything is heard, make sure nothing is done in secret and make sure there's a procedure whereby all decisions are adopted with the consultation of the people, in full view and participation with the media".

In that regard, he assured that all MPs, regardless of party affiliation, would receive adequate time through amendments to be brought to Parliament proceedings.

Furthermore, Nasheed affirmed that the MDP's supermajority having attained 65 seats, would not hinder the process and allows equal representation to lawmakers from all parties' with adequate time being allotted for deliberations on the chamber's floor.

Nasheed further stated that the elected committee, consisting of representatives from all political parties, would take all MPs' deliberations into account before presenting the bill.

According to Nasheed, MDP is committed to protecting the minority parties voice. He stated, "Any parliament must run on vote and a majority climate, but the views of the opposition would be respected on the floor; they would have enough time to express their concerns".

On the topic of authority, the MDP leader proclaimed, "It is always fragile. Whatever authority that we have we only get it from the people. And we will only exercise any authority to the extent that the people would want of us".

Nasheed further elaborated, "We are very clear that the people want us to reform the judiciary and eradicate corruption. In doing so, we have to be mindful about our vows. We must stick to guidelines. Our authority ends with the people. We will only do what they have asked".