Raudha last seen alive by a Maldivian student

Raudha last seen alive by a Maldivian student


Maldivian medical student and model found dead in Bangladesh on March 29 – Raudha Athif, 21 – was last seen alive by a fellow Maldivian student, reports Maldives Police Service.

Raudha was found hanging in her dorm room at Islami Bank Medical College in Rajshahi, Bangladesh.

Her family believe Raudha was murdered, and have expressed dissatisfaction in the investigation into the death by Rajshahi Metropolitan Police, alleging gross incompetence.

A team from MPS travelled to Rajshahi and helped unlock Raudha’s iPhone, which the police said helped gain access to important information relevant to the investigation.

MPS held a press conference regarding Raudha’s death this Tuesday afternoon, during which Chief Superintendent of Police Mohamed Riyaz said police interviewed Raudha’s friends, and close college mates.

Riyaz said the police noticed the college was one complex, with one gate for entry and exit.
He said both the college and the girl’s hostel where Raudha lived had 24/7 security.

Riyaz said there was no damage to the door of Raudha’s dorm room and the door had two 10 – 12-inch deadbolts. He said it was however possible to forcibly open the door even if it had been dead bolted.

He also noted that it had been students at the college who tried to open the door with Raudha dead inside, and not anyone from any specific nationality.

Regarding the subject of missing CCTV footage, Riyaz said no recording was made from February 17 onwards due to issues with some of the cameras – eliminating the allegation a specific recording was deleted.

Source: Sun