Nihan: Opposition can only manage 35 signatures at the most

Nihan: Opposition can only manage 35 signatures at the most


The opposition can only manage 35 signatures at the most if they attempted to file a no-confidence motion against Speaker of the People’s Majlis again, says Majority Leader of People’s Majlis, Vilimale’ MP Ahmed Nihan Hussain Manik.

A regulatory change passed last Monday makes no-confidence petitions against Speaker or Deputy Speaker of People’s Majlis unacceptable if its filed with signatures of less than 42 parliamentarians.

Speaking in an interview with Television Maldives’s “Rajje Miadhu” show last Monday night, Nihan said he did not believe the opposition coalition could manage more than 35 signatures.

He said that claims the opposition could manage to secure 42 signatures was an attempt to boost courage.

“But the funeral processions are complete and this is now going to be buried,” said Nihan.

He said the Minority Leader of People’s Majlis, Hinnavaru MP Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (Ibu) was trying to show the opposition movement had “life”. But, said Nihan, the movement was laid to rest on March 27 when 48 lawmakers voted they had confidence in the Speaker of People’s Majlis, Abdulla Maseeh Mohamed.

“This is not something they are doing because of any “green signal” of success. The only purpose is to create havoc,” said Nihan.

Nihan also alleged the opposition was derailing numerous important work pending at People’s Majlis.

“It has been exactly one month since the People’s Majlis has been able to do any work for the people,” said Nihan.

He also alleged the opposition’s purpose was to prevent PPM parliamentarians from touring the atolls to campaign for the upcoming local council elections.

Meanwhile, Ibu has vowed to submit a no-confidence motion against Speaker Maseeh with signatures of 42 parliamentarians, and successfully de-seat Maseeh.